Science and Tech

Parker Solar Probe’s final destination “only” 3.8 million miles from sun’s surface. Tickets now available from the Ryanair website.

December 14, 2018

On the very same day that the 40 year old Voyager 2 probe reached interstellar space, the 6 month old Parker Solar Probe went the other way – making its first close approach towards our sun. Enduring temperatures greater than a million degrees Fahrenheit while being bombarded with intense sun light. The craft was able to withstand the unbearable temperatures by simply winding down a window.

NHS “too reliant” on Fax Machines. Requests to ‘pass the scalpel’ or ‘apply pressure’ must now be sent via text instead.

December 10, 2018

The machines play a fundamental role in surgery – with requests to ‘pass the scalpel’ or ‘apply pressure’ traditionally sent via fax. Surgeons say this ensures messages are relayed without ambiguity as verbal cues tend to be muffled by surgical masks – which can be problematic. One consultant recalled asking an assistant, ‘Did you just fart?’ on a day when the fax machine happened to be out of order. They responded by immediately removing the patient’s heart.