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Old lady advised to use pets' names for passwords buys 73rd cat in order to access Skype

Old lady advised to use pets’ names for passwords buys 73rd cat in order to access Skype

March 21, 2020

Families have been advised to use on-line services to stay in touch, in particular Facetime, Whatsapp and Skype, to combat loneliness during the current coronavirus lockdown. A self-isolating, 83-year-old grandmother, who was advised by her grandson in 1999 to use the name of her pet to remember her email password, has just been forced to buy her 73rd cat, after registering for Skype.

Covid-19 emails the new GDPR emails

Covid-19 emails the new GDPR emails

March 19, 2020

All organisations countrywide are sending out updates on how they are affected by the Covid-19 coronavirus. These emails are so numerous they are risking becoming the new new GDPR emails.

Trump determined to buy a keepsake from his trip to Britain - the NHS

Coronavirus destroyed after Donald Trump breathes on it

February 28, 2020

For weeks nations across the globe have watched helplessly as the coronavirus rapidly grew in strength. But now a cure has been discovered, after a lab experiment exposed the bacteria to a sample of breath and saliva from American president Donald Trump. The virus was wiped out within seconds.

'No offence taken,' says Trump as he orders nuclear strikes against UK, Canada and France

Trump blames Huawei for coronavirus

January 30, 2020

The coronavirus has caused more than 100 deaths, spreading across China and reaching at least 16 other countries. American’s best president ever (™), Donald Trump, has blamed Huawei for China’s coronavirus.

US Space Force parades in Virginia

US Space Force parades in Virginia

January 22, 2020

Thousands of camouflaged gun owners have gathered in Richmond, Virginia in a show of armed strength. The heavily-armed, camo-clad members of gun-rights and militia groups have been federalised by President Trump to form earth’s first non-terrestrial terrestrial military unit: Space Force.