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You definitely have cancer, confirms Alexa

You definitely have cancer, confirms Alexa

July 10, 2019

From today, the voice-assisted technology is automatically searching the official NHS website when UK users ask for health-related advice. Meaning that users are able to get a quick, free diagnosis from the plastic cylinder in their lounge that the unusual feeling in their stomach or in one of their limbs is most probably cancer and that they’d better start making funeral arrangements.

Online porn checks delayed by testers getting distracted ‘trialling’ them

Online porn checks delayed as testers get “distracted”

June 21, 2019

The system was meant to begin in April 2018 but was postponed until July this year, a deadline they are expected to miss. Despite the delays, morale appears to be up. People from other departments have volunteered their time to assist with the programme, proving the strongest teams are those that pull together.