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Coronavirus 'too depressing' for Eastenders

BBC to keep nation entertained by showing nightly footage of deserted Albert Square

March 22, 2020

The Director General had reassured fans that a complete cessation of production won’t prevent new episodes of the soap airing each night on BBC One. “EastEnders will continue to reflect British society. This means that spooky footage of an abandoned Albert Square will be broadcast for half an hour every evening. We may add the odd corpse or perhaps a feverish resident staggering about screaming for help which will never come – it really depends on how things progress in the real world.”

Coronavirus 'too depressing' for Eastenders

Coronavirus ‘too depressing’ for Eastenders

March 19, 2020

The BBC has postponed filming of Eastenders until further notice. The news comes after the shows’ producers said that Coronoavirus is ‘too depressing even for a show which is based solely on dodgy cockney accents, angry grunting and more family fall outs than even the royals can muster.’