‘Caring’ Gillette advert prompts major backlash. From the biggest tossers in Britain.

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Piers Morgan hates Gilette

Gillette’s new advert encouraging men to show their caring, considerate side has faced an immediate backlash…

…from the most appalling men in Britain.

The razor firm’s short film, called Believe, replaces its famous slogan “The best a man can get”, with “The best men can be”.

It’s prompted predictable fury among knuckle-dragging neanderthals who don’t consider it a good night out unless they’ve punched something or someone.

“I hate how this advert was saying we should think about women’s feelings instead of just shouting ‘nice tits’ at them,” said Gary Swinfield, a 27-year-old car salesman from Wolverhampton.

“Gillette have really dropped a bollock with this gay shit. I’ll never buy their products again and if I see someone in a shop buying some I won’t hesitate to yell something thick and obnoxious in their direction – because that’s what real men do.”

Luke Chadwick, 30, a recruitment consultant from Cardiff, said: “What are Gillette playing at? For years they’ve focussed on football and shagging – now they’re telling us men we need to start showing a basic level of decency to people we share our lives with. What’s manly about being nice?”

The backlash was led by professional troll Piers Morgan, who condemned Gillette for joining the “pathetic global assault” on masculinity.

“It’ll be illegal to be a man soon,” moaned Morgan – before blocking a further 75 people for calling him nasty names on Twitter.

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