Carbon-Neutral Dairy Farms not possible, say Vegan Society. “More effective to spend the money stopping Piers Morgan spouting so much hot air”.

Carbon-Neutral Dairy Farms not possible, say Vegan Society. More effective to spend the money stopping Piers Morgan spouting so much hot air

Arla, the largest farming co-operative in Europe, said it aimed to neutralise all the CO2 produced by the dairy farms of its 10,300 members. This will require “radical changes” over the coming decades, including developing new technologies.

A spokesperson for the company said “Climate change is directly affected by the dairy industry, we are aware of this and want to play our part. Although a scary prospect we’re not going to bottle it, we will see this through.”

Gases which help to heat the atmosphere and contribute to climate change are a by-product of the dairy industry. They include direct emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, from cows, and carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide from the likes of packaging, transportation and fertilisers.

Although a large percentage of global greenhouse gas emissions come from cows and the dairy industry supply chain, a more effective method of cutting emissions would be to get Piers Morgan to stop spouting hot air. He currently accounts for around 51% of all toxic gases produced.

Prof Gregg.V.S.Roll, a university researcher who has been working, often literally, in the field for 25 years, said of Mr Morgan “The amount of crap coming from his mouth on an almost daily basis is terrifying. Currently one of the biggest threats to climate change and the future of humanity. We need to shut him up.”

The Vegan Society said there was no way to make dairy a climate-friendly product. “Cows produce large amounts of methane, a very damaging gas for our planet.”

They continued by saying “However, if they do manage it against the odds then everyone involved would deserve a pat on the back!”

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