Build a bear’s ‘pay your age’ promo causes chaos. Meanwhile Durex’s ‘pay your length’ deal doubles profits.

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Trump wasn’t the only one causing unrest in the UK yesterday – Build-A-Bear Workshops around the country were causing just as much ire – with mile-long queues turning violent when the chain decided to abandon a promotional “pay your age” discount.

If you were one of the people that joined a queue that was already a mile long in order to save a few pounds on a teddy bear that you didn’t need might we suggest an activity for you today. Simply take a mirror, place it on a surface at roughly eye level and have a long hard look at yourself.

Build-A-Bear isn’t the first brand to dabble with this kind of scheme.

McDonald’s had to cancel a ‘pay your weight’ promotion after they realised they were bankrupting their most loyal, most addicted customers.

While Durex’s ‘£1 an inch’ promo was a roaring success – doubling profits thanks to the average British man’s love of gross overestimation.

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Written By: Rob Cromwell

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