Bug causes Samsung phones to send private photos to random contacts. (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it…)

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Helpful British bobbies have issued advice on when it is and isn’t legal to sunbathe naked.

Apparently, it’s ok so long as it doesn’t cause “alarm, distress or outrage”.

Surrey police have suggested that women who plan to sunbathe topless pop round and tell the neighbours first.

It’s hard not to take it personally that the sight of your naked body might cause ‘distress’…

Also – if there’s one thing that’s going to stop your creepy neighbour staring at your boobs, it’s giving him a 10 minute warning so he knows when you’re getting them out.

Veteran TV presenter Dame Esther Rantzen yesterday said she’s been a fan of naked sunbathing for decades – and that it’s “no more shocking… than some of the skimpy outfits on Strictly Come Dancing”.

At 78, I’d suggest it might be a little more shocking. Especially after so many decades shrivelling up in the sun…!

Finally, some tech news. Not content with making smartphones that blew up when you least expected them to, Samsung now seem to have made a smartphone that sends your photographs your contacts – seemingly at random.

Photos like the one below – which we received earlier today from Esther Rantzen’s next door neighbour.

In a move certain to disappoint exhibitionists, Samsung have said the bug will be fixed as soon as possible. Poor perverts can’t catch a break.

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Written By: Adam Hunt

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