Britbox renamed Shitbox after content announced

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BritBox streaming service will 'reflect modern Britain'. First show- 'Decluttering Foreigners with Nigel Farage'

Britbox, a new streaming service from ITV, the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5 has been launched.

A forced rebranding has taken place after budget cuts meant the announcement of the initial round of programming disappointed audiences. Shitbox promises cheaper twists on classics such as Dr What, Strictly Come Financing, Downton Flabby and Top Gear.

Reemah Sakaan, ITV’s group director for streaming, said it will be able to rival the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV+

Netflix Originals are no longer shit enough for the average viewer, despite producers best efforts. A Friends/Breaking Bad cross-over is being filmed to combat this.

“It’s got the widest range of UK box sets of any service,” Rebecca said.

This is due to the backlog of Great British Bake Off inspired shows planned for the new year. The Great British Speed Typing Contest, The Great British Chiropractor Off and The Great British Fuck Off are all coming to screens soon.

The service will cost £5.99 per month. Audiences in the UK have pointed out they are being expected to pay twice on top of their BBC license fees.

The BBC responded to this accusation in an official statement, saying, “It’s not like you actually pay your license fees anyway you stingy rats.”

Over 600 classic episodes of Doctor Who will be uploaded to stream before Christmas.

The 2019 Christmas episode of Doctor Who will be made up of clips from the previous episodes, concluding with a cliffhanger in which Catherine Tate makes out with a Cyberman on top of the Empire State building.

Channel 4 and Film4’s back catalogue will be available in 2020, and original shows from Comedy Central UK will also be on Britbox.

ITV and the BBC have lots of content planned for the platform in 2020, citing classics loved by millions. Channel 5 declined to comment.


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