Brexit Party “Just a vehicle for Farage” says Batten. The kind that falls apart when it stops and has a red nose on it’s grille.

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Brexit Party Just a vehicle for Farage says Batten. The kind that falls apart when it stops and has a red nose on it's grille

UKIP and Nigel Farage’s Brexit party have become embroiled in a war of words over both wanting the same thing.

Farage launched his new party in Coventry and said there is ‘no difference’ between their policy and UKIP’s.

But Gerrard Batten dismissed this suggestion and described the Brexit party as just ‘a vehicle’ for Farage.

Presumably one which falls apart when it stops and has a red nose on its front grill.

Farage said he intends to ‘change politics’

by banging on about Brexit and arguing with former allies. A tactic which has, so far, only been adopted by the two main parties.

Speaking earlier Farage said UKIP had struggled ‘get enough good people’.

He blamed Britain’s increasing inclusivity, and tolerance, and said he’d been disappointed that, at his final UKIP convention, not one hand had gone up when he asked attendees whether they considered themselves racist. Although this may be because most of them struggle to get their knuckles off the ground.

Farage went on to say that he has an ‘impressive list’ of 70 candidates for the European elections,

each of them aiming to emulate him by being elected to a position they don’t want and then never turning up to work.

Gerrard Batten described the Brexit party as a ‘Tory/Establishment safety valve’.

Asked to clarify his comment he told reporters it ‘doesn’t really mean anything but probably sounds good to the sort of person who might vote UKIP.’

The two parties are likely to go head to head in the European elections.

And concerns have been raised as to whether the NHS  will cope with the expected increase in single split brain cell syndrome.

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