Brexit 50p piece to get “Oh Sh*t!” as its new inscription

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Brexit 50p piece to get Oh Sh*t! as its new inscription

UK Chancellor Sajid Javid is drawing up plans for millions of special Brexit 50p coins to be released when the UK plans leaves the European Union later this year.

And numismatics everywhere were delighted to see that revised slogan on the reverse will now read “Oh Sh*t!”

Originally the coin was to have the  inscription “Peace, Prosperity and Friendship with all nations” inscribed upon it.

“We wanted something that truly reflected the mood of the nation”, the newly appointed  Chancellor of the Exchequer said, “and following several government Think Tanks and spending nearly 10% of Michael Gove’s Brexit disaster fund, we settled on this simple, but effective sentiment. I think it hits nail squarely on the head

His predecessor Philip Hammond planned a collectors’ version of the coin, however Mr Javid hopes to mint a similar 50p piece for mass circulation.

“Other members of the cabinet had their own ideas of course”, Mr Javid went on to detail, “Priti Patel wanted an image of herself holding a noose, whilst Jacob Rees-Mogg was firmly behind a simple ‘Hail Stercus!’. As for Dominic Raab, well his suggestions came in far too late, blaming the fact he hadn’t realised how important small change was to people.”

The limited edition Coin was originally due to be issued on 29th March 2019

“Obviously, the continual movement of the Brexit date has caused us some issues”, Sajid David went on to explain, “To counter this problem, I’ve instructed the Royal Mint, to replace the date inscription, with a simple ‘Who Knows?’ “,  the MP for Bromsgrove instructed, “This will allow the cabinet to get on with much more pressing matters like the reintroduction of hanging, repealing the fox-hunting ban and awarding generous tax incentives for major Tory Party donors. Now Crack On!

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