Breaking News: Woman has baby

The Royals
Breaking News - Woman Has Baby

Meghan Markle and that ginger bloke have welcomed their first child together

The news was confirmed on social media, with tens of thousands of people expressing uninterest and boredom.

The couple are said to be ‘absolutely thrilled’ and have thanked the public for their support

as tax payers will continue to shell out millions to fund the new arrival.

Asked what it was like to be present for the birth, Harry laughed and said, “I haven’t been at many births, I wasn’t even at mine”.  He went on to add,  “How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension”

a view shared by many of Harry’s ex-girlfriends.

Buckingham Palace announced some weeks ago that there would be no information given out about the birth, beyond that it was happening.

Royal insiders insist this was to ward off journalists and photographers, and not because nobody gave a single shit anyway.

The Queen and the Prince of Wales have both been informed.

As has Harry’s father.

All are said to be delighted.


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  1. I don’t understand why Megan is regarded as a ‘commoner’ by the Royal Family. If Harry wanted to marry a commoner he could of married my Sister as she’s common as shite.

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