Boris wears a Burka to prove he’s not anti-Muslim

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Boris wears Burka to prove he's not anti-muslim

Boris Johnson has already made a number of eye-catching promises in an all-out attempt  to win support for his bid to become leader of the Conservative party.

But this morning Mr Johnson surpassed even all the fantastical, un-costed, pledges he’s made so far.

In a desperate effort to tackle claims that he is anti-Muslim, the former Foreign Secretary has said he’ll wear an Islamic veil for the rest of the leadership campaign.

And at a specially convened press conference Mr Johnson proudly unveiled The Boris Burka.

The garment is coloured black and made in the traditional manner. But it has been expertly tailored to accommodate hips belonging to a middle-aged Western man with an insatiable appetite for power, sex and food.

During Tuesday night’s televised debate with other candidates for the Tory leadership, Mr Johnson made a weak apology over past remarks he’d made comparing veiled Muslim women to letterboxes.

After it became clear the half-hearted ‘sorry’ had failed to win over the critics, he decided to show solidarity with the religion by donning the outfit.

“As well as getting me credit with Muslims it should also please the likes of those women’s lib lot. So as far as I’m concerned it’s a win-win situation,” declared Mr Johnson.

He went on to refer to himself as a ‘caring sharing kind of guy who can heal the deep divisions within our nation’.

However some commentators have suggested the latest development could be seen as a publicity stunt that does nothing to correct a long list of political gaffes.

One of the biggest criticisms against Mr Johnson has been the way, as Foreign Secretary,  he dealt with the case of British citizen Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. She is currently jailed in Iran over charges she strongly denies.

Journalist Kevin Edwards commented: “If Mr Johnson really wants to make amends for previous errors, perhaps he should volunteer to swap places with Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe. Now that would be a real vote winner.”


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