Boris Suspends Parliament so he can take 5 weeks of guitar lessons and follow his Dreams.

UK Politics
Chancellor announces tax cuts for buskers to facilitate new career for PM

The Prime Minister once harboured ambitions to be a rock star he told a group of school children aged 9-14 on a educational visit to Downing St yesterday, saying he had learned the opening chords to Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water.

Given hindsight he may well spent time better learning and digitally remastering Simon & Garfunkels renamed tune ‘London Bridges Over Troubled Waters’ as Labours Momentum get ready to storm Parliament and bring the House down, this is one encore The Bojo was not expecting.

When asked if he always wanted to lead the country, the PM -replied “I had various ambitions, I briefly thought I could be a musician, a rock, but that didn’t get very far”

Most people in Britain wished that was one ambition he had achieved… and stuck with his Plectrum instead of entering the political spectrum (or should that be stuck his plectrum where his political spectrum..don’t shine)   Amongst popular songs ‘The Bojo’ (no relation to ‘The Edge or Bono’) may have recorded include:

  • Red Red Wine.
  • All You Need Is Gove.
  • Tony Blurred Lies
  • Eton Rifles…Your Pockets.
  • Our House…In The Middle of Downing Street.
  • 50 Ways To Leave Your Dover.
  • A Message To Barnier.
  • Love Child.
  • Lyin Eyes.
  • Its All Over Now.
  • Tusk.
  • I Won’t Back Down.
  • Universal credit Soldier.
  • All Along The Snatch Power.  (Grab)
  • Little Tin pot Soldier.

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