Boris promises to break his own promise as he promises extra NHS funding

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Boris Johnson promised to cancel a previous promise as he promised extra funding for the NHS.

Planned cuts to corporation tax next April are to be put on hold.

Mr Johnson said that while he ‘wholeheartedly meant it’ when he promised the tax cuts, he feels that a promise, ‘like a poor person, is there to be broken when it suits the Conservative party to do so’.

The PM told business leaders it may cost the Treasury £6bn.

But described it as ‘a price worth paying’ to ensure he remains Prime Minister as he’s the only party leader who can be trusted.

The announcement does not mean any new money for the NHS on top of the £20bn extra a year the Conservatives are promising to give it up to 2023.

But Boris was quick to point out that ‘while the new promise only adds up to the value of the old promise and therefore may look like a promise in lieu of a broken promise, it is only by breaking the original promise that I am able to make this further promise, meaning the Conservatives are the only party to make two promises for the price of one promise which is just another example of why we are the only party that can be relied upon to honour our promises. I promise.’

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