Boris accused of lying. Rap sheet only extends to ‘everything he’s ever said and done’.

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Boris Johnson is being sued for suggesting £350m goes to the EU each week during the 2016 Referendum.

His lawyer turned up with his defence, but unfortunately, couldn’t drive the bus upon which it was written through the door.

The Conservative leadership candidate has been accused of misconduct in public office.

To which he responded ‘Oh, you mean that thing with Miranda? No? Justine? No? Bella? Jackie? Trudy?  Well, which one then? It could literally be hundreds.’

This is the greatest act of misconduct in public office since Michael Gove sucked him off before the last leadership election.

The private prosecution was launched by campaigner Marcus Ball, who managed to crowdfund over £200,000 for the case.

Approximately the same amount BoJo reportedly gets per week for his Telegraph column.

In February, Mr Ball’s lawyers lodged an application to summons Mr Johnson.

Something that is usually done by shining the Borislight into the dark London skies, in which he runs to a woman’s house in the knowledge her husband is out.

Representing Mr Ball, Lewis Power QC said Mr Johnson’s conduct had been “both irresponsible and dishonest”.

Mr Johnson responded by saying those were his more loveable characteristics.

“Democracy demands responsible and honest leadership from those in public office,” said the lawyer.

Ah, we see what’s happened.  Mr Ball still naively believes we’re living in a democracy.

Misconduct in office is an ancient offence with roots back to the 13th Century.

In fact, it was one of the very first bills Jacob Rees-Mogg had to vote on.


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