‘Bergerac’ reboot to reflect post-Brexit world. With Jersey overrun by ‘economic migrants’ fleeing a post-apocalyptic UK.

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'Bergerac' reboot to reflect post-Brexit world. With Jersey overrun by 'economic migrants' fleeing a post-apocalyptic UK

Fans of classic TV crime series Bergerac are rejoicing at news the show is set to return to our screens.

Producers of the new version have revealed it will have a far more gritty feel than the original and reflect the realities of post-Brexit Britain.

The first episode will feature John Bergerac investigating the drowning of 50 desperate British migrants trying to sail from Plymouth to Jersey to claim asylum.

He will face a dilemma when he discovers Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson have been hiding out on the Channel Island to escape the wrath of the British public. Should he expose their location to the world or accept a £5m bribe to keep schtum?

And in shocking scenes, he will also be shown confronting internet trolls who’ve been sending mean tweets to Anna Soubry and Owen Jones by forwarding them sarcastic memes from his own Twitter account.

Always a complex character, the new incarnation of Bergerac will be struggling to take control of an ongoing addiction to mamba.

The new series will be more “woke” too – his wife will be non-binary and his boss will be either a dwarf or black.

There will be some light relief among the gritty scenes though – Bergerac will be seen filming his popular YouTube blog, where he updates followers on his latest investigations as well as trialling hair and beauty products.

The show’s classic theme tune will also be reworked…

…by Calvin Harris and Stormzy.

Meanwhile other classic shows from the eighties and nineties are also set to get the post-Brexit reboot treatment.

BBC soap Eldorado is set to return with the ex-pat community being kicked out of their Spanish village as a result of Britain leaving the EU.

And classic game show Going For Gold is being brought back with a fresh twist – every episode will see the lone British contestant being pitted against a 12-strong team of continental contestants.

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