Banksy’s shallowest metaphor on record sells with record-breaking £10m price tag

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Banksy's shallowest metaphor on record sells with record-breaking £10m price tag

A Banksy artwork has been sold for close to £10m, in what organisers say is a record for the artist.

The painting called ‘Devolved Parliament’ depicts the House of Commons as a bunch of Chimpanzees, and previously set a record for ‘shallowness’, beating out The Scary Movie franchise and the TV series Entourage.

The painting incorporates Banksy’s trademark of subtlety equivalent to using a machine gun to write ‘satire’ on the side of a wall.
Critics however, believed that the painting was Banksy’s best, lauding his message of ‘What if MPs were chimps innit’ as his finest act of self-satisfied sixth form wit.

After 13 minutes of bidding at Sotheby’s in London, the painting sold for record £9,879,500.

The painting was bought by a wealthy father as a gift for his 14 year old son, described as the most ‘insufferably woke’ Teenager in the world.

The buyer wishes to remain nameless, as he doesn’t want the backlash for spending an unforgivable amount of money on something with all the depth of a newspaper cartoon called ‘phones r bad’.

The buyer remarked that his son has started getting into current affairs and politics, having spent time on tumblr and various ‘society is bad’ subreddits. He said his son thought Banksy was a ‘master of telling it like it is’ and that ‘we live in a society’.
As such, he had no problem spending close to £10 million on a cartoon that even political cartoonists would deem ‘a bit too on the nose’.

It’s unlikely that the man or his son will fully appreciate the painting, as they’re certainly not likely to be shackled to Universal Credit trials or starving under austerity any fucking time soon.

Banksy did not remark on the sale, as he is currently busy building a giant statue of a cigarette smoking a person.


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