Baldrick actor quits Labour party. Jeremy Corbyn has a ‘cunning plan’ to win him back.

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Baldrick actor quits Labour party. Jeremy Corbyn says he has a 'cunning plan'

Actor Sir Tony Robinson, best known for playing Baldrick in the comedy Blackadder, has quit the Labour party saying ‘its leadership is complete shit.’

Famous for his scruffy appearance and naive optimism,  Jeremy Corbyn was elected party leader in May 2105

Robinson’s decision comes as Labour lost huge numbers of seats in Thursday’s local elections.

Asked how he plans to fix the party Mr Corbyn said he has ‘a cunning plan.’

A leaked document revealed the plan is to ‘capitulate with a view to gaining millions of sympathy votes in 2 years.’ Critics within the party were sceptical but this morning a smug Jeremy Corbyn described phase one of Operation LibDem ‘a resounding success.’

Time Team presenter, Robinson, campaigned at several general elections and served on Labour’s National Executive Committee between 2000-2004.

He’s now planning a special edition of the show where he intends to use archaeological expertise and geophysics to see if he can find the remains of the popularity that led to Labour gains in the 2017 general election.

Robinson is the latest in an increasingly long line of high-profile Labour figures to quit the party this year,

and political commentators predict the only thing needed to finally kill the party off is the return of Tony Blair.

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