Chancellor says no-deal Brexit could cause ‘significant disruption’ to UK economy. Leave campaigners demand to know why they weren’t told.

January 25, 2019

Mr Hammond went on to say that leaving the EU without a deal would not deliver the Brexit that anybody voted for. At a UKIP rally in Leeds all four marchers agreed with Mr Hammond’s comments. Their reasons for voting leave ranged from not liking Germans to not liking the Poles, but when it came to the question of no-deal, they all wanted to know what it had to do with that bloody Noel Edmonds anyway.

New NHS plan focuses on prevention as budget cuts mean all illnesses now reclassified as ‘incurable’

Royal Bournemouth A&E “cuts” waiting times by turning patients away. Other measures include letting down ambulance tyres, and training receptionists to pretend to ignore anyone who does slip past the nurse on the door.

January 23, 2019

Recent figures show that rural NHS trusts are suffering the most from underfunding. In South Devon so far this year 18 tonsillectomies and 2 triple heart bypasses have had to be carried out by veterinary surgeons. And a postman from Lowestoft has said that since Christmas he’s delivered more babies than parcels.