Men underestimating 2 metre rule, after being told it's 6 inches x 12

Men underestimating 2 metre rule, after being told it’s 6 inches x 12

April 12, 2020

With fears that people may not follow government guidelines on going outside and respecting social distancing this weekend, police and local authority officials have been patrolling to monitor the situation. And it appears that much of the problem stems from both sexes being told that 2 metres is equivalent to 6 inches times by twelve.

Diane Abbott offers to teach Priti Patel ‘real numbers’

April 12, 2020

At Saturday’s Coronavirus daily briefing the Home Secretary said that so far 300,034,974,000 tests have been carried out. And Ms Abbott was quick to point out that if a politician is going ‘to make an absolute balls up of numbers’ they should ‘at least do it with numbers that actually exist.’