Conservationist Chris Packham misreads form and accidentally enters Tory Leadership race

Chris Packham booed, as audience realise he’s Chris Packham

September 11, 2019

The naturalist took to the stage on behalf of BBC’s The Blue Planet which won the award for Best Factual Programme, to murmurings of ‘Hasn’t Max Headroom let himself go?’ But once he began speaking and the assembled celebs felt their skin crawl and their ears bleed, they twigged who he was and began to boo loudly.

Stop fannying about and get on with fixing the problem Downing Street somehow have the gall to tell BA

“Stop fannying about and get on with fixing the problem” says Boris to BA…

September 7, 2019

‘They’ve had enough time now and they need to stop fannying about and just get on with fixing the problem. People are relying on them to find a solution, and they need to do it pretty damn quick. I mean, what would it be like if the government conducted their business like this? Chaos. That’s what. The pound would fall, business would struggle, we’d have shortages of food and medicine, and the prime minister would look like a complete moron. We’d be an absolute laughing stock.’

Caroline Lucas says cabinet is 'woefully short' of tits

MPs to debate whether anyone knows what the hell is going on

September 5, 2019

After photos yesterday revealed images of a smiling Theresa May, a phenomenon rarer that Haley’s Comet, and Boris Johnson faced his first PMQs looking shaky as a PM and not answering any Qs – a bit like Theresa May but with floppier hair and an air of arrogance – MPs will meet in Westminster later today to debate whether anyone knows what the hell is going on anymore.