Andy Murray set for comeback. “He’s not ready yet – but it’s the only way they’ll let me back on TV” says mum Judy.


Andy Murray will ‘put his heart and soul’ into a comeback, said his mother Judy this week. The three-time Grand Slam champion underwent hip surgery in January.

Leaving his mother with no airtime for two months, and no realistic chance of getting her face on TV this side of June.

In a tearful press conference in January the former world number one said he can no longer perform at the top level. He had hoped Wimbledon 2019 would be his swansong but that looks increasingly unlikely.

Judy said watching the press conference was harder than watching a match.

As she saw her fame slowly bounce away like a poorly hit drop shot.

Following his surgery Andy is still laid up in bed and unable to move without feeling pain, but Judy said, ‘There’s wheelchair tennis now isn’t there? He could have a go at that. The important thing is that he’s out on the court. And I’m on TV.’

Andy’s brother Jamie is expected to make an appearance at Wimbledon this year in the men’s doubles tournament.

When asked if she would be watching Jamie, Judy replied, ‘Who?’

Even if he does make it to Wimbledon this year, Andy’s tennis career appears to be coming to an end and we asked Judy what comes next.

‘I really don’t know,’ she said, ‘I mean there are all sorts of opportunities out there for someone who has made their name in sport. I’ve already done Strictly and The Chase, but I wouldn’t mind a go at Mastermind. My specialist subject would be The Life and Times of Judy Murray, and…oh you mean for Andy? Who knows? Who cares? Ask me about me. Why will nobody ever ask me about me?’

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