Andy Murray recovers strength after hip operation, and gets ready for the next phase of his career. They’re sending him out to stud.


Britain’s former world number one tennis player Andy Murray is recovering after hip resurfacing surgery.

The three-time Grand Slam winner claimed he had been struggling with the hip problem for 18 months and was seriously affecting his tennis.

The two-time Olympic champion, 31, realised he would need functioning hips more than ever after finally announcing in January he would retire this year and commit himself completely to stud.

“Tennis has been good to me and I want to give something back, lots and lots of little somethings.” Commented Murray.

Murray was British number one for nearly 12 years until Kyle Edmund took the crown in March last year.

As a successful protege of the John Lloyd breeding programme from the mid-eighties, Andy follows other illustrious male sportsmen in donating their talent for the benefit of Britain including: cricketer Ian Botham, footballer David Beckham and darts player Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor.

Murray was due to play in next month’s Marseille Open, but has opted to begin training to hopefully perform at Wimbledon.

It’s understood Andy will be broken-in gently with a number of select private tennis academy recipients before serving the fee-paying queues at Wimbledon, on a literal first come, first come basis.

With a team of physiotherapists and fluffers lending a hand, Andy could sire between 150 and 300 potential Grand Slam protégés per month.

Although Andy’s family fully support his new ‘seedings’, he might not want mum Judy cheering him on during the performances, though she will be kept busy with the thousands of grandkids.

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