Andrea Leadsom worries about children’s ‘exposure’ to LGBT community. Parents worry more about exposure to Andrea Leadsom.

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Parents warned over exposure to Andrea Leadsom

Andrea Leadsom, the leader of the House of Commons, has faced criticism after she said parents should decide at which point their children are “exposed” to lessons covering LGBT rights.

Prompting all rational parents to vow never to expose their children to the harmful teachings of Andrea Leadsom, who appears to have stumbled, blinking and bewildered, out of a Little House On The Prairie novel and into the 21st century.

Her comments on Nick Ferrari’s LBC radio show yesterday come as four more schools in Birmingham have opted to suspend an Ofsted-approved No Outsiders class, which aims to teach children about the Equality Act, because of an outcry from parents about a section on the rights of LGBTQ+ citizens.

The No Outsiders aspect of the curriculum is now being re-written to ensure all pupils understand that there are many different views and lifestyles in modern Britain, but that those of Andrea Leadom, MP for Deuteronomy and Leviticus, belong in the first century and should be heartily mocked for being so daft.

Defending her comments, Andrea Leadsom said on the radio show:”My party has done a huge amount to support LGBT rights and quite rightly too and I’m a massive supporter of the efforts that we’ve made to achieve real equality in LGBT rights.

Despite not giving any specific examples at all, many political commentators assumed that Mrs Leadsom was referring to the Conservative Party policy of kicking out as many Windrush migrants as possible, regardless of whether they are gay or not, which can hardly be considered a beacon of modern, progressive, inclusive thinking.

Experts believe it is only a matter of time before Andrea Leadsom issues an apology saying that although she doesn’t actually know any LGBT people, she would be happy to meet with one of them, on the condition she can wear a full HazMat suit to avoid any potential contamination.

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