“And you go back to where YOU came from!” Native Americans tell Trump

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And you go back to where YOU came from! Native Americans tell Trump

Native Americans have called on Donald Trump to follow his own advice, and go back to where he comes from.

The US president sparked huge controversy when he Tweeted four Congresswomen – all US citizens and strong critics of his regime – should leave the country.

His opinions has sparked outrage. And many people regard them as especially odd given the fact that Mr Trump’s own family tree boasts such a large international heritage. His grandfather was German and his mother Scottish. In addition Mr Trump’s current wife was born in Slovenia, and his first wife is from Czechoslovakia.

Native Americans Joe and Petah Locklear said: “If Mr Trump truly believes what he’s said perhaps it’s time for him to set an example, return to his own homeland, and leave the rest of us in peace.”

Countries around the world are becoming jittery at the prospect of Mr Trump leaving the States and turning up on their borders begging for political asylum.

In Germany Angela Merkel commented: “Usually I like to try to help refugees, however I think in this case it’s a ‘nein danke’ from me.”

There was a similar frosty response from Westminster, where a Home Office spokesman said: “The only way we’d take Mr Trump is if the Americans agreed to a 2-For-1 exchange deal, with Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson going Stateside.

“Let’s face it, they’re never going to fall for that. Even if they did we’d quickly change the terms of the deal and insist they take Katie Hopkins as well. I think you can assume he won’t be coming here.”

Scientific research has suggested Mr Trump’s homeland could actually be in Africa. DNA analysis has shown he has a similar chromosome pattern to the Tiny-Paw Meerkats of the Kalahari Desert.

The Tiny-Paw Meerkats are known for their bad-tempered personalities, vigorous chest beating, and having tiny paws.

A concerned Tiny-Paw Meerkat, who only wanted to be identified as Kevin, said: “We don’t want Trump living here. We’ve read he’s got no manners at all and is always causing trouble.”

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