An England final could be worth £2.6bn to the UK. Boris has already promised the money to the NHS.

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According to the Centre for Retail Research, every England goal is worth an extra £200 million to the economy – and if Kane and Co can make it all the way to the final, that could add up to an extra £2.6 billion.

Boris Johnson has already promised the money to the NHS.

Own goals also have a costly impact. A recent David Cameron own goal cost the UK an estimated £50Billion.

Not everyone is so excited about the impact of the World Cup, however. The All England Club is up in arms, after Fifa refused to move the Final in order to avoid a clash with the men’s final at Wimbledon.

With a billion people having tuned in for the last World Cup Final, that does feel a little like asking Beyonce to change the time of her gig at the O2 – because it clashes with the slot you’ve booked at lucky voice…

If you’d like a fun way to follow the World Cup final, why not tune in to Wimbledon and wait for the random screams from people in the crowd watching it on their phones?

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Written By: Adam Hunt

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