Allsopp’s partner worried spoiling their kids at Christmas will ruin them. Kirstie concedes hiring JK Rowling to write their thank you letters possibly a step too far.

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Kirstie Allsopp has this week revealed that her partner worries about how much they spoil their kids at Christmas. 

Last year she got her nanny to wrap their presents, used staff to decorate her two homes, paid a man to decorate her windows with spray snow and paid someone to wrap garlands around the staircase.

She does concede she may have gone too far when she hired J K Rowling to write her children’s thank you letters.

Kirstie’s big tip for Christmas is to get as much of the food prepared in advance as possible.

Kirsty likes to get her potatoes peeled on Christmas Eve using her favourite potato peeler. But, thanks to the bad atmosphere of Brexit, he’s decided to go back to Poland.

In September 2018, she faced a storm of on-line abuse after smashing her children’s iPads when they broke family rules around screen time. She then didn’t tweet for over a month…

…after the children smashed her iPhone in return.

This year, says Kirstie, she’ll be spending Christmas abroad ‘somewhere hot and sunny’…

 …while her kids spend Christmas here in the UK with a hired Kirstie Allsopp look-alike.

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