Aliens ready to take over the World if lockdown continues

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Aliens ready to take over the World if lockdown continues

The Pentagon has released videos of UFO’s taken by US Navy pilots.

Now, it does seem a interesting time to release these videos as currently there is nothing in the news except for Coronavirus.

Maybe it was a subtle suggestion that things had gone wrong at Area 51. With releasing the videos at this time perhaps the American government hoped it would go unnoticed due to the global pandemic.

Or maybe the opposite and they were attention seeking.

It comes only a couple days after President Trump suggested injecting disinfectant.

So possibly the government are using the videos to divert attention away from Trump and people ingesting bleach across the nation.

Or potentially the more likely option, it is actually due to an imminent alien invasion.

The pilot’s in the three videos are heard to be shocked as the UFO’s move through the sky.

This shouldn’t be taken seriously though as the American government have performed a hoax like this before.

You only need to go back to 1969 when Stanley Kubrick directed ‘The Moon Landing’. I still don’t know how Buzz Aldrin didn’t receive a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role.

Although this time around it appears this isn’t a hoax at all. It seems that the President is part of this extraterrestrial plan for World domination which actually doesn’t come as a surprise.

An insider has managed to contact one of the aliens from a UFO. Apparently they are not a very hostile bunch like those depicted in the movies. They have waited for everyone to be in lockdown before conducting their simple takeover.

If we aren’t going to use the Earth they feel that it’s their turn. They are more alike to squatters than murderers with anal probes. In fact the alien made it very clear he would keep his distance from our anuses.

It is believed that Mr Trump is trying to weaken the human population by encouraging the consumption of cleaning products.

Trump isn’t the leader, just a bit part player. More a Jar Jar Binks type.

The alien laughed as he told us, “He is actually known as Don Don Drumpfy to us.”

He went on to say, “We come in peace, and we remind you to stay at home, wash your hands regularly and that the World outside your home is no longer yours.”


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