After Tories scrap Erasmus scheme, Disneyland Paris will now refuse entry to Brits

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Following Tories scrapping Erasmus scheme, Disneyland Paris to now refuse entry to British citizens

On Wednesday, MPs against a clause that would have required the government to negotiate continuing full membership of the Erasmus programme after Brexit.

This has been seen as another act of anti-European sentiment under the Conservative government.

In response, Disneyland Paris has retaliated, and will now refuse entry to any British Citizen. The French Government is saddened that young British people will no longer have the chance to live and study in France, and as such as enacted an official motion of ‘fuck it, now nobody can have any fun in Paris’.

British citizens were turned away at the entrance, with many being incredibly easy to recognise due to their refusal to bother speaking even the most basic modicum of French.
One couple tried to bluff their way through using the French they learned at high school, but ended up rambling about their eye colour and what they were planning to do at the weekend.

British visitors inside the park were forcibly removed by security while distracted by an impromptu performance of Mickey’s Soundsational Parade, with the whimsical music and characters masking the sound of profanity laden rants and muffled cries.
A few families managed to run and hide, are currently being hunted down by armed guards disguised as Chip N’ Dale and the rescue rangers gang, and any who are caught are being interned in a makeshift gulag under the decommissioned Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast.

UK Citizens however, are undeterred by this, and many are still planning to smuggle themselves into the park, mostly due to the fact that it’s still better than Alton Towers.

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