Africans confirm they would rather have a visit from Stacey Dooley than another dance from Theresa May.

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Africans confirm they would rather have a visit from Stacey Dooley than Theresa May dancing again

After Stacey Dooley posted a photo of herself from Africa undertaking work for Comic Relief, MP David Lammy criticised the journalist, saying “the world does not need any more white saviours”.

Prompting poverty stricken Africans to reply: “We don’t care what colour you are; we just don’t want another visit from your Prime Minister. We are a proud continent of dancers, blessed with an innate sense of rhythm, whereas Theresa May destroyed the very concept of dance like a lion ripping the hind legs off a gazelle. 

“It was almost as awkward as watching your foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt trying to make it through a press conference in another country without making any horrendous gaffes.”

Dooley, who recently won Strictly Come Dancing and has made documentaries for the BBC on topics including fast fashion and an Isis sex slave, said: “Comic Relief have raised over £1bn since they started. I saw projects that were saving lives with the money. Kids’ lives.”

Thereby instantly demonstrating that she possesses greater ability than Theresa May in terms of both knowing what she’s talking about, and dancing skill.

Mr Lammy also appeared on BBC Two’s Victoria Derbyshire programme, saying: “Charity is a good thing, all of us understand that, but how we do charity is important.”

To which a number of Africans replied: “We couldn’t agree more. Stacey was a lovely, smart, caring individual, and that is what is important.

“Don’t send Bob Geldof again though – he’s a right miserable git.”

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