Africa leads the way in equality, as a woman also made billions through corruption

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Africa leads the way in equality as female corruptly makes billions

Leaked documents reveal how Africa’s richest woman made her fortune through corruption and exploiting her own country.

A spokesman for the African Congress said they were ‘extremely proud’ to break the mould with a corrupt female arsehole ripping off the state for her own personal gain instead of some filthy old man.

Isabel dos Santos got access to lucrative deals involving land, oil, diamonds and telecoms when her father was president of Angola.

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson sent his congratulations to Mrs dos Santos and said he never thought he’d ‘see the day a woman gets to the top without taking her knickers off.’

The documents show how she and her husband were allowed to buy valuable state assets in a series of suspicious deals.

Although Mr Johnson said there was ‘no hint of suspicion’ and likened the deals to his completely above board ‘honest guv’ business transactions with Jennifer Arcuri.

Ms Dos Santos says the allegations against her are entirely false.

She described the 700,000 leaked documents as ‘barely no evidence’ of any wrongdoing.

The former president’s daughter has made the UK her home and owns expensive properties in central London.

In fact, she’s so rich even the Tories don’t think she should be forced to ‘go back home’.

Andrew Feinstein, the head of Corruption Watch, says the documents show how Ms Dos Santos exploited her country at the expense of ordinary people.

Which is now a prerequisite for owning expensive property in the heart of London.

One of the most suspicious deals was run from London through a UK subsidiary of the Angolan state oil company Sonangol.

Ms Dos Santos denied the deal was suspicious and  asked reporters whether they would ‘really expect to find corrupt businessmen in the City of London and major oil companies?’


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