8 Six Nations ‘Nations’ that could replace Ireland, France and Italy if we leave the EU without a deal.

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8 Six Nations 'Nations' that could replace Ireland, France and Italy if we leave the EU without a deal

The Six Nations Championship rugby tournament started at the weekend and is the last one before Brexit. If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, France, Ireland and Italy may not compete next year.

Here’s 8 possible replacements should the current line-up be kicked into touch:

1 – Gibraltar

Not a colony, part of the UK. May do very well relying on the big rock in the middle.

2 – Maldives

A favoured option with tournament administrators. May need to play matches on a platform on stilts hovering over the se

3 – North Korea

This nation are unlikely to be asked to participate due to being so good at sports, they’re usually declared winners before the event takes place

4 – The Duchy of Cornwall

With St Piran’s flag flying high, the Cornish pirates, led by Captain Charles Windsor, could compete before securing their own Corxit.

5 – Disneyland

Technically a US base within France under its own corporate governance. The combination of dwarves and princesses make a formidable team and always put on a good show.

6 – Poundland

The popular favourite and supported by millions. Don’t expect anything fancy, Poundland play basic no-frills rugby.

7 – Sodor

Tank engines with smiley faces describe these island warriors, but don’t get in the way if there’s a runaway. Comes with good TV and children’s merchandising connections.

8 – Nambia 

Favourite of President Trump, this African Atlantis would only play away matches through being unable to find their home stadium, and homeland.

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