7 Things we Learnt in the Opening Weekend of the 6 Nations


1 – The Six Nations has started.

There’s always a nagging sense that some rugby happens around this time of year but we can never remember when. Turns out it was this weekend.

2 – Pangolin’s are the only mammal in the world to be covered in scales.

There was a point we zoned out during the Scotland – Italy game and disappeared into a Wikipedia hole.

3 – Things are harder to catch when they’re wet.

It was nice to have this confirmed as on Friday night especially, the players struggled with slippery balls.

4 – People shouting ‘hand ball!’ never stops being funny.

Football fans got really upset when Tottenham – Newcastle was turned off in favour of the rugby but thankfully they found a way to keep themselves amused.

5 – Telling your date she looks like a hooker is offensive in two ways.

No matter how many times you tell her that you meant the beautiful Dimitri Szarzewski, you’re not going to stop her from leaving.

6 – Consoling Irish rugby fans can be tricky.

Telling them that there was no shame in losing to England when they were clearly much better not only didn’t help, it nearly created quite an ugly scene.

7- Nobody really understands offside so if you just shout it occasionally you will look knowledgeable.

There are a couple of other phrases that appear to be universally applicable like ‘in at the side’ and ‘numbers’ and ‘they need quick ball’ and ‘RUGBY!’


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