6 more things Russia has (probably) meddled with.

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6 more things Russia (probably) meddled with

With accusations this week that Russia may have meddled in the Madagascan elections, we wonder is there anything in this world they haven’t meddle with?

Probably not.

Here are six more things Russia are (probably) responsible for.

1 – The demise of Woolworths

2 – Sales of PPI

3 – The obesity crisis in the west (they’re playing the long game)

4 – Madagascar the movie. Originally it was meant to be an anti-Russian documentary investigating their handling of Putins enemies who are always exiled to Madagascar. By the time it had finished it had turned into a family friendly cartoon about animals in the wild, the films actually a giant metaphor for Russian dissidents

5 – Last year’s Bake Off. There is no way Rahul should have been named winner. It is alleged the judges have been compromised via a tape of Pru and Paul passing off Mr Kiplings exceedingly good cakes as their own.

6 – The disappointing ending to The Bodyguard. [The original version revealed the culprit to be Thanos].

(Contributors: Lee Thomas, Tom Grattidge, Gavin Noble, Simon Paul Miller and Brad Holcombe)
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