13 more things JK Rowling will soon reveal about Harry Potter

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13 more things JK Rowling will soon reveal about Harry Potter

JK Rowling came under fire this week after daring to suggest that Dumbledore and lover Gellert Grindelwald had “an incredibly intense sexual relationship”.

Rowling’s usually loyal Potter fans took exception to the claims – with both “Rowling” and “Dumbledore” quickly trending on Twitter.

If only those easily offended fans knew about all the other things JK Rowling has been keeping under her hat…!

Here are 13 more things you never knew about Harry Potter.

1 – The Harry Potter world was originally the brainchild of Jacob Rees-Mogg. Which is why it has no hospital and only one school

2 – The titles of all the Potter novels are euphemisms for either toilets or troublesome bowel movements.

3 – If you burn a copy of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” it will turn into a special edition of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” (Try it and see)

4 – The Half-Blood Prince is a veiled reference to Prince Harry and his alleged father, James Hewitt.

5 – If you put all the copies sold in the Harry Potter series on top of each other you would have a really tall pile of books.

6 – The Hogwarts Express has never needed a bus replacement service. This is said to be the most unrealistic plotline in the series.

7 – Voldemort is a lounge singer in his spare time. His stage name is Crooning Clive. He sees it as his last chance to break out into the music biz

8 – During filming Daniel Radcliffe was contractually obliged to take drugs which delayed the onset of puberty. The effects are yet to wear off.

9 – Hogwarts immigration policy of making people enter by running through a brick wall has been adopted by UKIP in their latest manifesto

10 – Harry learnt to speak snake on the Duolingo app

11 – “Magic” is actually just a metaphor for Gluten Intolerance.

12 – In her initial drafts Rowling referred to non-wizards as ‘c*nts.’ Her editor subsequently suggested the more commercial ‘muggles.’

13 – According to the British Medical Journal a Harry Potter version of Trivial Pursuit is the biggest cause of suicide among men aged 25-42.

(Contributors: Gavin Noble, Elysia Tanswell, Simon Paul Miller, Brad Holcombe, Lee Thomas and Chris Ballard)
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