13 divorces filed on Xmas Day: the perfect, selfless present for the loved one who doesn’t love you any more.

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There were 455 online divorce applications submitted to HM Courts & Tribunals Service between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, thirteen of which were on Christmas Day.

And why not? It’s the perfect, selfless present for the loved one who doesn’t love you any more. If you’re now kicking yourself for not giving this as a Christmas present, it also makes the perfect birthday present for the partner who despises you.

When you apply for a divorce you must prove your marriage has broken down, giving at least one of the following reasons:

  • You have lived apart for at least five years, even if your partner disagrees to the divorce.

    If this option is applicable, then it rather diminishes the value of the present unless you ex-to-be is particularly lazy or really hates doing admin.

  • You have lived apart for more than two years and both agree to the divorce.

    Even where custody of a pet is involved, this has to be human years.

If you’ve not been living apart for more than two years, you still have three options left…

  • Desertion

    Grounds for desertion include: no sexual relationship; talking to each other very little or not at all; not doing any household chores together; having separate social lives.

    If you and your partner starting living together over seven years ago, chances are these already apply.

  • Unreasonable behaviour

    If you and your partner still live together, this can be a difficult one as it will depend on the judge’s interpretation of unreasonable behaviour.

    Possible reasons we think should be acceptable are…

    Admitting you gave your partner socks as a present for twenty consecutive years or more.

    Not watching ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ with your partner. (No judge could reasonably refuse this reason where both partners are male.)

  • Adultery

    If you’re planning the present to be nice surprise, then it’s considered bad form to accuse your partner of adultery; even where he or she has done so multiple times and bragged about it on social media. So, for your present to be acceptable, you’ll not only need to commit the act yourself but also provide the evidence.
    Photos are generally preferable to video and it’s quite acceptable for digital copies to be sent via email although, if you’re a traditionalist, you’ll prefer sending hard copies in an A4 brown paper envelope.
    It may surprise you to learn that it is actually bad form to provide them collated within a fancy album, even if you’ve gone to all the trouble of getting one that matches your wedding album.

Just like shopping these days, divorce is so much simpler done on-line. One woman told us she was surprised at how quickly, after submitting her application containing her email address, she got a mail with no attachments.


(Additional material: Pete Redfern)
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