11 things EVEN more effective than Vince Cable

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11 things EVEN more effective than Vince Cable

Having successfully led the Lib Dems from the barren wastelands at the edge of political influence, to the same barren wastelands but actually probably now even further away – Vince Cable has decided it’s finally time to step down as party leader.

But he’s refusing to name his favoured successor.

Presumably because he’s not convinced anyone anywhere could be anywhere near as effective as him.

So we thought we’d give the Lib Dems a helping hand.

Here’s our list of 11 things that would be more effective than Vince Cable

1 – A Chocolate Teapot

2 – A Gauze Condom

3 – An iPhone 6 Battery

4 – An iPhone 5 Battery

5 – Sod it – even an iPhone 4 Battery

6 – Boris Johnson’s Wedding Ring

7 – Gemma Collins at the Winter Olympics

8 – The search engine Bing

9 – A child’s crayon drawing of Vince Cable

10 – Theresa May’s Brexit Deal

11 – Chris Grayling

(Contributors: Gavin Noble, Pete Redfern, Tom Grattidge, Amber Ballantine, Dan Sweryt, Luke Catterson)
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